Exploitation of Natural Resources

Amis de la terre
Credit: UNEP

Exploitation of Natural Resources

The Exploitation of Natural Resources (ENR) pilot service is one out of a group of three services – named Conflict Indicators – that provide conflict-related geo-spatial information for countries at risk of armed conflict or with ongoing conflicts. All three proposed services provide refined geographical and thematic information related to conflicts at sub-national level. They offer products to be used in the security realm.

The ENR service looks into the interlinkages between land degradation, land use changes and conflicts in the Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Land use or land cover changes are derived from multi-temporal analysis of earth observation data. This information aims at identifying possible flash points for crisis within a country. The information is then combined with other non-Earth observation data to analyse potential spatial relationships.

Core products


The product consists in one report and several geo-information layers that are combined in maps to visualise spatial relationships.



The core information layers are:

  • Land use and land cover changes
  • Occurrence of conflict events
  • Mine site locations,
  • Population.


Multi-temporal land use analysis


Service coordination

This pilot service is coordinated by the Joint Research Centre with the efforts of other partners inside the G-MOSAIC project : Adelphi Research, GISAT, IST, Astrium GEO-Information Services, Swisspeace, and Z-GIS.


Click the link below to download the brochure for the service Exploitation of Natural Resources.

Exploitation of Natural Resources