G-MOSAIC publishes Window on GMES – Special Issue on the Security dimension

The G-MOSAIC project has published a special issue of Window on GMES - Discover the ‘S’ in GMES”

This edition focuses on the Security dimension of GMES. The ‘S’ of GMES refers to three areas: Support to EU External Action, Border Surveillance and Maritime Surveillance – each of which are represented in this issue.

The publication includes contributions from the G-MOSAIC consortium members as well as key stakeholders within EU institutions, such as the European Defence Agency, Frontex, the European External Action Service and the European Union Satellite Centre.  

A collection of success stories and user portraits stemming from the use of pre-operational GMES services for Security applications is presented, highlighting the ways in which these products have supported users in real operational settings over the course of the project.


Window on GMES - “Discover the ‘S’ in GMES” can be downloaded below.