2nd G-MOSAIC User Workshop held at EUSC :: 20-22nd June 2011

The 2nd G-MOSAIC User Workshop was held in Madrid on the 20th-22nd of June 2011, at the premises of the host organisation, the European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC). Attendees represented a range of current and potential users including EU Council entities, various UN agencies and organisations, Member State national ministries, and national and international civil organisations. In total, 42 participants representing 30 user organisations attended the workshop, of which 4 were EU institutions or agencies.

Beginning with an introduction and welcome by Pascal Legai, Deputy Director of the EUSC, the first day provided an overview of the G-MOSAIC products and services through poster sessions and presentations from service leaders. Parallel sessions were held on the second day, providing hands-on training and practical demonstrations of services across four security domains (Natural Resources and Conflicts, Migration and Border Monitoring, Critical Assets, Crisis Management and Assessment).

G-MOSAIC is a European research and development project developing pilot services in support of EU External Action, including peacekeeping, nuclear non-proliferation,  border control and monitoring critical infrastructure. The services provide geospatial information and intelligence, supporting situational awareness, early warning and crisis management operations.

Examples of products and services delivered up to now include damage assessment, trafficability and reference maps supporting EU, Member States and international (including UN) interventions in response to the earthquakes in Haiti (January 2010) and Chile (March 2010); evacuation support maps in response to the recent civil unrest in Egypt, Libya and Yemen and monitoring of border crossing activities on the Costa Rica-Nicaraguan border. The project continues to support a variety of users through its pre-operational pilot services for security applications.